Our Services

Training services

We audit quality standards of professional services, including professional trainings/capacity building for public or private institutions/organisations.
We organise, in partnership with SAP INTERNATIONAL based in Nairobi-Kenya, professional trainings and certification programs intended to boost professional’s effectiveness in their domains of interventions and/or competitivity on the international job market. s.

Consulting services

Our consulting services are related to professional expertise to support our clients in their business. We offer services to companies, corporations and individuals in all the economic and social sectors from the conception of the projects. In this context, we provide advices to the startup companies and other ongoing companies.

Accounting services

For our accounting services, we offer book keeping with a specialized accounting software and preparation of financial statements. These services are available for small and medium enterprises (SME), Not-for- profit organisations and unique owners like entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. All the financial reports are prepared in accordance with the Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP).

Tax services

For our taxation services, we prepare tax returns for individuals (T1 and TP-1), for corporations (T2 and CO-17) and for Trusts (T3 and TP-646). We prepare also sales tax returns (GST and QST). Finally, we discuss with our clients all issues related to tax planning.

Compilation engagement services

For our assurance services, we provide Compilation Engagement Reports according to the CSRS 4200 Standard.
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